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Definition of "missa" [‖Mis•sa]

  • A mass, in the sense of a composition setting several sung parts of the liturgic service (most often chosen from the ordinary parts Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Agnus Dei and/or Sanctus) to music, notably when the text in Latin is used (as long universally prescribed by Rome) (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "missa" in a sentence
  • ""dismisses" the people at the end of the mass, by saying: "Ite, missa est," that is, the victim has been sent (_missa est_) to God through the angel, so that it may be accepted by God."
  • "In the case of the word missa we can trace the development of its meaning step by step."
  • "Etymologically, the word missa is neither (as Baronius states) from a Hebrew word, nor from the Greek mysis, but is simply derived from missio, just as oblata is derived from oblatio, collecta from collectio, and ulta from ultio."