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Definition of "miliary" [mil•ia•ry]

  • Having the appearance of millet seeds. (adjective)
  • Pathology Characterized by the presence of small skin lesions that have the size and appearance of millet seeds. (adjective)

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Use "miliary" in a sentence
  • "I have had nothing lately to tell you but illnesses and distempers: there is what they call a miliary fever raging, which has taken off a great many people, It was scarce known till within these seven or eight years, but apparently increases every spring and autumn."
  • "But still, if you don't do good in school, or don't get a decent education, you theoretically could wind up in Iraq as the miliary might be your only other option."
  • "The Duke of Devonshire is gone to Spa; he was stopped for a week by a rash, which those who wished it so, called a miliary fever, but was so far from it that if he does not find immediate benefit from Spa, he is to go to Aix-la-Chapelle, in hopes that the warm baths will supple his skin, and promote another eruption."
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