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Definition of "metarabin" []

  • The gum of cherry-, plum-, and almond-trees. Its chemical relations are not yet determined. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "metarabin" in a sentence
  • "In other words, there is a constant gradation between gum arabic and Ghattis, down to such gums as cherry gum, consisting wholly of metarabin and quite insoluble in water."
  • "But the new hypothesis, and the experiments undertaken to confirm it, showed clearly that if the viscosity of a gum solution depends on the ratio of metarabin to arabin, then there is no absolute line of demarkation between a Ghatti and a gum arabic."
  • "Moreover, the solutions yielded by various Ghattis leaving insoluble matter behind would _be all of the same kind_, viz., a saturated solution of metarabin in arabin more or less diluted by water."