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Definition of "metaphysic" [met•a•phys•ic]

  • Metaphysics. (noun)
  • A system of metaphysics. (noun)
  • An underlying philosophical or theoretical principle: a belief in luck, the metaphysic of the gambler. (noun)

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Use "metaphysic" in a sentence
  • "As Crary notes, "movement and time could be seen and experienced, but never represented" (34), and hence the camera obscura "is inseparable from a certain metaphysic of interiority: it is a figure for both the observer who is nominally a free sovereign individual and a privatized subject confined in a quasi-domestic space, cut off from a public exterior world" (39)."
  • "A very little reflection will be sufficient to satisfy us that without the aid of conceptions higher than those of sense-experience -- and that is all the word metaphysic means -- it would be absolutely impossible to formulate a single scientific generalisation."
  • "The metaphysic of speculative reason is what is commonly called metaphysic in the more limited sense."