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Definition of "megabat" []

  • Any of the bats in the Megachiroptera order. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "megabat" in a sentence
  • "Pettigrew et al. (1989) further argued that colugos (aka flying lemurs, or dermopterans) were also part of the megabat-primate clade, and essentially late-surviving relics which resembled the common ancestor of the megabat-primate clade."
  • "So - even before I'd seen the movie - I'd decided that the Banshee and Great leonopteryx were inspired by (1) microraptors, (2) tapejarids and (3) proximity gliding suits, plus with a bit of raptor and megabat thrown in too."
  • "Some species have wing spans up to five feet, eat fruit, and with one exception among their 173 species, do not echolocate (the Egyptian fruit bat Rousettus egyptiacus, is the only megabat that echolocates)."