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Definition of "maremma" [maremma]

  • A marshy and unhealthy region lying along the sea-shore. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "maremma" in a sentence
  • "The maremma is a breed of livestock guardian dog that originated in central Italy nearly two thousand years ago."
  • "_O pescatore da maremma_, and led by Mr. Badcock, who wore a wreath of seaweed a-cock over one eye and waved a dripping basket of sea-urchins."
  • "The west wind blew strong; the clouds were heavy; now and then the moon shone on a sullen sea; now and then the darkness broke over rank maremma vapours; at times he heard the distant bellowing of the herds, at times he heard the moaning of the water; mighty cities, lost armies, slaughtered hosts, foundered fleets, were underneath that soil and sea; whole nations had their sepulchres on that low, wind-blown shore."