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Definition of "mangabey" [man•ga•bey]

  • Any of various forest-dwelling monkeys of the genus Cercocebus of central Africa, having a long tail and a slender body. (noun)

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Use "mangabey" in a sentence
  • "There are 11 species of monkey including anubis baboon Papio anubis, diana monkey Cercopithecus Diana (EN), green monkey Cercopithecus aethiops, mona monkey C. mona, lesser white-nosed monkey C. petaurista, white collared mangabey Cercocebus torquatus lunulatus, black and white colobus Colobus polykomos and chimpanzee Pan troglodytes (EN)."
  • "Good luck not falling in love with the adorable 10-day-old cheetah cub Kiburi, an orphaned white-naped mangabey monkey or the baby Olive Ridley turtle setting off toward the sea."
  • "Several new mammal species have also been discovered in recent years, including two possibly new species of dwarf galago (Galagoides spp.) on the Taita Hills and on Mt. Rungwe and potentially a new mangabey species endemic to the Udzungwa Mountains."
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