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Definition of "maltose" [malt•ose]

  • A white crystalline sugar, C12H22O11, formed during the digestion of starch. Also called malt sugar. (noun)

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Use "maltose" in a sentence
  • "The starch is first converted into a sugar known as maltose, by the action of _malt_, a substance prepared by moistening barley with water, allowing it to germinate, and then drying it."
  • "Sure enough, when the researchers inhibited GlgE, the bacteria underwent "suicidal self-poisoning": a sugar called maltose 1-phosphate accumulated to toxic levels that damaged bacterial DNA, causing the death of TB bacteria grown in Petri dishes as well as in infected mice."
  • "In some cases, Cutler says, people could even be sensitive to other sugars such as maltose in grains, sucrose or dextrose in fruits."
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