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Definition of "magneto-optic" [magneto-optic]

  • Pertaining to magneto-optics.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "magneto-optic" in a sentence
  • "Beth blinked, having gotten lost somewhere around 'magneto-optic."
  • "But the gyrostatic system does, besides, what the system of naturally acting material particles cannot do -- it constitutes an elastic solid which can have the Faraday magneto-optic rotation of the plane of polarization of light; supposing the application of our solid to be a model of the luminiferous ether for illustrating the undulatory theory of light."
  • "From the Rockefeller Foundation, for support of the researches on the magneto-optic method being conducted by Professor Jesse W. Beams, - for the period July 1, 1934 to June 30, 1935"
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