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Definition of "maccaroni" [maccaroni]

  • An obsolete form of macaroni.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "maccaroni" in a sentence
  • "But the maccaroni was the great dish in the Gabioni; a four-cent plate of it would take the sharp edge from a fierce appetite, assisted as it was by a large one-cent roll of bread."
  • "Despite the jet-lag, today we wandered up and down the street our hotel is on, had an orientation with the rest of our group and introduced ourselves and a tasty dinner consisting of "maccaroni" (yes that is how they spelled it) with cream and ham sauce, chicken with peppers/mixed veggies and topped off with some galato that we have yet to decide on what flavor it was."
  • "He ate a good dinner of maccaroni, rice, squash, and bread; and I hope his mother will be here before night, to receive him from my hands in perfect order, and to be delighted with the babble which, for nearly three weeks past, has run like a brook through all my thoughts."