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Definition of "lungfish" [lung•fish]

  • Any of several elongated freshwater fishes of the Amazon, western and central Africa, and Australia that have lunglike organs as well as gills and are able to breathe air, allowing certain species to survive periods of drought inside a mucus-lined cocoon in the mud. (noun)

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Use "lungfish" in a sentence
  • "You stroll around like a Japanese movie-monster, crushing the city on your way to free the lungfish from the mind control device (setup like a giant transmission tower.)"
  • "One of the few living fish related to these ancient land-dwellers are air-breathers known as lungfish, which are found today in Africa, South America and Australia."
  • "Tetrapods are part of a larger groups called Sarcopterygii, which also includes several groups of lobe-finned fish, such as lungfish and the coelacanth."
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