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Definition of "lorica" [lo•ri•ca]

  • Zoology A protective external shell or case, as of a rotifer or any of certain other microscopic animals. (noun)
  • A cuirass or corselet worn by Roman soldiers. (noun)

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Use "lorica" in a sentence
  • "Brachionus - These rotifers have a transparent turtle-like shell called a lorica and are found in a variety of habitats, freshwater and marine."
  • ""Lorica Glosses," or the glosses which accompany a long Latin prayer, really a charm, called "lorica" or "breast-plate," because it was recited thrice a day to protect the person who used it from all possible injury and accident."
  • "So even the Christian hymn of St. Patrick was called the lorica or breastplate of Patrick.] of power, woven of druidic verse, was upon Ulla [Footnote: Ulla is the Gaelic root of Ulster.] in his time, upon all the children of Rury in their going out and their coming in, in war and in peace."
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