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Definition of "long-wool" [long-wool]

  • (of sheep) having relatively long wool (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "long-wool" in a sentence
  • "Noils are divided into classes, namely, long-wool noils, short or fine-wool noils, mohair noils, and alpaca noils."
  • "We may learn whether it is best to buy American-made macaroni or the imported variety; whether French silks and gloves are superior to those made in America; what "shoddy" is, what we may expect from it if we buy it, how much it is worth in comparison with long-wool fabrics, how to know whether shoddy is being offered us when we buy."
  • "But as it is necessary to have some mangel-wurzel and Swede turnips for the Ayrshire cows and long-wool sheep next winter and spring, select the cleanest and richest land that can be found that was under cultivation last season."
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