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Definition of "long-snouted" [long-snouted]

  • Having a snout that is longer than average (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "long-snouted" in a sentence
  • "The montage of icons does cohere into a sort of meta-icon perhaps, of dogs that are (for me) short-haired, middling-sized, with dark-brown fur; but this is … a sort of cubist collage of perspectives that spills out beyond its casual frame, each dog a Cerberus with three heads superimposed one over the other, snub-nosed and long-snouted, ears pricked and flattened, slavering and not slavering."
  • "Neck, from head to shoulders, a mass of bristling hair; sharp pointed ears, long-snouted, lips snarling, fangs dripping; yelping rather than barking; wolfish of aspect and not nice to look upon when in anger — this is the husky, or wolf-dog of the North."
  • "The humblest trimmer would treat him with the indulgence of a child; while an oiler, a greasy nimbus about his head and in his hand, as sceptre, a long-snouted can, would indeed appear to him a demigod and ruler of forces beyond his ken."