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Definition of "linin" [linin]

  • The filamentous, achromatic material in the nucleus of a cell that interconnects chromatin granules. (noun)

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Use "linin" in a sentence
  • "These filaments are composed of a homogeneous material known as linin, which stains with acid dyes and contains embedded in its substance particles which have a strong affinity for basic dyes."
  • "By the former, the material taken into the cell in the form of food is built up into cell tissue, such as linin, microsomes, etc., and, by the latter, these products are to a greater or less extent broken to pieces again to liberate their energy, and thus give rise to the activities of the cell."
  • ""Now listen, mate, 'ere I've gone to the trouble o' linin 'up enough money to pay for our' ole journey and then some and you're 'avin' second thoughts."
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