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Definition of "letterless" [let•ter•less]

  • Without the presence or use of alphabetical letters. (adjective)
  • Illiterate. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "letterless" in a sentence
  • "Had he been the kind of letterless country fellow, or bookless fellow whom the Baconians and Mr. Greenwood describe, the contemporary witnesses cited must have detected Will in a day; and the story of the "Concealed Poet" who really, at first, did the additions and changes in the Company's older manuscript plays, and of the inconceivably impudent pretences of Will of Stratford, would have kept the town merry for a month."
  • "Letters after a name do not modify character, they are there to confuse the letterless ones, just like a magicians wand is used, to get the hoi polloi [gnu] looking the other way while getting sheered."
  • "If you're the type who just can't let go, whose 'Berry is worn to letterless nibs, who hears the buzz of an insect and reaches for your holster, I bring help."
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