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Definition of "lay-out" []

  • A laying or spreading out; plan; arrangement. (noun)
  • That which is laid or spread out; a collection of things laid out; an apparatus; a display; a spread: as, a lay-out for dinner, for gaming, or for operations of any kind. (noun)
  • The space occupied or fished over by a haulseine. (noun)
  • Laid out, stretched, or extended: as, a lay-out line (a long line buoyed at each end, from which baited hook-lines run into deep water).

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lay-out" in a sentence
  • "I wonder particularly about the lay-out of the Central Park West apartment she owned."
  • "My point being, would Gandhi be Gandhi without someone to make sure there was a mat for him to lay-out on after the hunger-strike?"
  • "(Keith Hennessey's articles here and here lay-out exactly what the job is all about.)"