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Definition of "lanthanoid" []

  • Lanthanide (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lanthanoid" in a sentence
  • "Also since it has only one lanthanoid/cerium, which itself is usually removed due to its potential tetravalency, lanthanum is basically easy to purify."
  • "Of course this is no promethium, but it could look like that: an otherwise typical lanthanoid, which however due to its radioactivity produces quite some heat and therefore on the surface quickly oxidizes to pink Pm2O3."
  • "There are supply worries because demand for rare earth metals is likely to increase between 10% and 20% annually from growing use of such lanthanoid elements as neodymium, used to make generators for wind turbines, and dysprosium, used to make parts for hybrid car motors."
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