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Definition of "lacrymal" [lac•ry•mal]

  • Alternative spelling of lachrymal. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lacrymal" in a sentence
  • "That the internal membrane of the nostrils may be kept always moist, for the better perception of odours, there are two canals, that conduct the tears after they have done their office in moistening and cleaning the ball of the eye into a sack, which is called the lacrymal sack; and from which there is a duct, that opens into the nostrils: the aperture of this duct is formed of exquisite sensibility, and when it is stimulated by odorous particles, or by the dryness or coldness of the air, the sack contracts itself, and pours more of its contained moisture on the organ of smell."
  • "Old now, with overactive lacrymal glands and hesitant speech, he did not in the least appeal to his present patient."
  • "Thence the nerve impulses travel to the lacrymal glands, leading to an increased flow of their secretion."