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Definition of "komondor" [komondor]

  • A Hungarian breed of large powerful shaggy-coated white dog, used also as guard dog. (noun)

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "komondor" in a sentence
  • "Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images Sherry Harmon and Mojor, a komondor, waited to go in the ring."
  • "The fabulously ropy-furred komondor approaches other dogs with what we must assume is his head, but neither eyes nor ears are visible underneath his long locks."
  • "Another source of Turkic terms in Hungarian are words such as the dog names "puli" and "komondor" and a few local dialect terms that derive from the Cuman language, which was spoken east of Budapest in the "Kun" regions until the mid 1700s."