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Definition of "koko" []

  • Same as cocco. (noun)
  • A name in Hawaii of several shrubs and small trees belonging to the genus Euphorbia, and particularly of E. lorifolia. This is a tree 12 feet high, found at high elevations, and is much used as fire-wood. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "koko" in a sentence
  • "The outfit for men is called baju melayu or baju koko which is worn together with kain samping (made out of songket) and songkok (a dark coloured headgear); in Indonesia the men will usually wear pants with similar color to the shirt or (normal black pants) and a (black head cover called) Peci."
  • "The words he knows? lol ... things like: ahahana, or ahana'koko'lele is sort of like"
  • "Afua Dankwaa works as a trader in Bosomtwe selling provisions and food supplies such as koko (millet / corn porridge)."