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Definition of "kinglet" []

  • Any of several small, grayish North American birds of the genus Regulus, having a yellowish or reddish patch on the crown of the head. (noun)
  • A king ruling a kingdom considered small or unimportant. (noun)

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Use "kinglet" in a sentence
  • "For the kinglet was a small boy with a long, freckled face, blue eyes, a pug nose, and black hair banged across his forehead, and hanging in lank, straight locks far down over his shoulders."
  • "Among the birds enumerated by Kuhn and others as representing the storm-cloud are likewise the wren or "kinglet" (French roitelet); the owl, sacred to Athene; the cuckoo, stork, and sparrow; and the red-breasted robin, whose name Robert was originally an epithet of the lightning-god Thor."
  • ""Our kinglet is a hard master," said he, with a sigh, "and I really wish some one would get up a revolution and dethrone him."