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Definition of "jour" []

  • Day. (noun)
  • [Mod. F., pron. zhör.] In decorative art, an opening forming part of a design. (noun)
  • In lace-making, one of the regular meshes of the ground. See à jour. (noun)
  • A colloquial abbreviation of journeyman: as, a jour printer; to work as a jour. (noun)
  • An abbreviation of journal; of journey; of journeyman.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "jour" in a sentence
  • "Duclos and De Bernis, who never missed a single Sunday, she would say to the first, with a light air, "_Bon jour, Duclos_;" to the second, with an air and voice more amiable, "_Bon jour_, abbé:" accompanying her words occasionally with a little tap on his cheek."
  • "Jouvert originates from the French word 'jour ouvert,' meaning daybreak or morning, and signals the start of Carnival."
  • "I use the distinction because the word "journalism" contains the French word jour, which means day, and there is a time quality, a temporal quality to journalism as opposed to literature, poetry."