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Definition of "ive" []

  • An obsolete form of ivy. (noun)
  • See ivy. (noun)
  • A termination of Latin origin, forming adjectives from verbs, meaning ‘doing’ so and so, or ‘serving to do’ so and so, or otherwise noting an adjective status, as in active, acting, passive, suffering, demonstrative, serving to show, formative, serving to form, purgative, serving to purge, adoptive, collective, festive, furtive, native, infinitive, relative, etc. Many such adjectives are also used as nouns, as in some of the examples cited. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ive" in a sentence
  • "Science It was heard that time and matter has born at the moment of big bang around 15 billion years ago, is there time existing before this moment of big bang explotion? or is it a zero point to count the time - ive to left of the time line and +ive to right?"
  • "IIRC, the "no significant - ive or +ive impact on innovation" applies only to the software industry per se (responsible for only 5% of all software patents) - and only so far."
  • "Beans: 233 hopefully from the title ive roped in some views ..."
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