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Definition of "inning" []

  • Baseball One of nine divisions or periods of a regulation game, in which each team has a turn at bat as limited by three outs. (noun)
  • Sports The division or period of a cricket game during which one team is at bat. (noun)
  • An opportunity to act or speak out; a chance for accomplishment. Often used in the plural with singular or plural verb. (noun)
  • The reclamation of flooded or marshy land. (noun)

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Use "inning" in a sentence
  • "That first out of the inning is the most important."
  • "The Phillies scored first in this game but despite having men in scoring position in every inning from the 5th on, were unable to score again and as the game progressed you couldn't help getting the feeling that it just wasn't going to be our year."
  • "- Akinori Iwamura, who committed seven errors all season at second base, has two Sunday night before the fourth inning is over?"