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Definition of "infixing" [infixing]

  • Present participle of infix. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "infixing" in a sentence
  • "It seems that, in all the immense details that I've deduced over the years on Pre-IE, I forgot about Thematicization which is what I call the point at which productive animate suffixes were derived from their inanimate counterparts by infixing a vowel schwa during the middle of the Late IE Period."
  • "I presume that the reason for this infixing is not because the schwa was an actual animatizing morpheme but rather by analogy with the fact that most animate stems happened to be thematic (i.e. stems ending in a schwa) while inanimate stems tended to be athematic (i.e. stems ending in a consonant)."
  • "I find this rather odd, but there's some interesting *s-infixing in some verbs that I'd like to discuss."
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