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Definition of "inferable" [in•fer•a•ble]

  • That can be implied or inferred. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "inferable" in a sentence
  • "Nonetheless, the exit that I muzzily forecast is looking more and more imminent, largely, one might say (as Larry Kudlow does), for reasons inferable from the Bernstein narrative."
  • "The author's conclusion: Earth is the sole abode of intelligent life in the galaxy, the product of a profoundly improbable sequence of cosmic, geologic and climatic events—some thoroughly documented, some inferable from fragmentary evidence—that allowed our planet to become a unique refuge where life could develop to its full potential."
  • "Global warming was simply * credible*, very close to * supposable*, many might even say it teetered on * inferable*, but now, as we see, it is most definitely very likely*."