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Definition of "impulse" []

  • An impelling force; an impetus. (noun)
  • The motion produced by such a force. (noun)
  • A sudden wish or urge that prompts an unpremeditated act or feeling; an abrupt inclination: had an impulse to run away; an impulse of regret that made me hesitate; bought a hat on impulse. (noun)
  • A motivating force or tendency: "Respect for the liberty of others is not a natural impulse in most men” ( Bertrand Russell). (noun)
  • Electronics A surge of electrical power in one direction. (noun)

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Use "impulse" in a sentence
  • "As regards studies of the abnormalities of the sexual impulse, under the name of _paradoxical sexual impulse_ cases have been published in which that impulse manifested itself at an age of life in which it is normally non-existent -- old age and childhood."
  • "However, he says, today the main impulse is to try to make the books as distinct as possible because they need to stay on the shelves longer."
  • "I do have to consciously stop myself from even asking, but the impulse is always there."