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Definition of "impala" [im•pa•la]

  • A reddish African antelope (Aepyceros melampus) noted for its leaping ability and having ridged, curved horns in the male. (noun)

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Use "impala" in a sentence
  • "Though the end of the sequence wasn’t shown, King explained that the gazelle must have endured a slow, agonising death [the adjacent image, showing two cheetahs taking down an impala, is nothing to do with Duma or the attack I've just been discussing: it's from game-reserve. com]."
  • "Desert rose is also known as the impala lily, desert azalea and sabie star."
  • "Just saw it on CNN its crazy,its like asking a lion if they know that the impala is a protected species, it could care less, that whole christmas tittle is as irrelevenat asinsert cliché of choice"
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