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Definition of "hyperbolic" [hy•per•bol•ic]

  • Of, relating to, or employing hyperbole. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Of, relating to, or having the form of a hyperbola. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Of or relating to a geometric system in which two or more lines can be drawn through any point in a plane and not intersect a given line in the plane. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Of or relating to a hyperbolic function: hyperbolic cosine. (adjective)

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Use "hyperbolic" in a sentence
  • "But In regards to our dialog and you attaching arguments to me that I did not make while engaging in hyperbolic statements addressed to me, I can."
  • "You engaged in hyperbolic vitriol and attempted to turn my stance into one of a patronizing controlling male incapable of comprehending your world view."
  • "A relative newcomer named Hakaan Yildirim, who won Paris's prestigious Andam award for young talent, was a victim of boastful handlers who described him in hyperbolic terms he could never live up to."
  • "Where "dictatorship" becomes somewhat less hyperbolic is with regard to the policy-based presidential veto that I have previously railed against."
  • "The first, undervaluation of the future, is called hyperbolic discounting."
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