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Definition of "hybridism" [hy•brid•ism]

  • The state of being hybrid (noun)
  • The production of hybrids by cross-breeding (noun)
  • The formation of a word from elements of different languages (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "hybridism" in a sentence
  • "Thus the goat breeds with the sheep, and may therefore serve as the text for a dissertation on hybridism, which is accordingly given in the preface to this animal."
  • "He wanders off topic, though, into areas like hybridism and geographical distribution, and I found those chapters much tougher going."
  • "I am guessing that Robert Sawyer also based the above average intelligence of this hybrid chimpanzee on some recent news stories that hybridism between the branch that produced early hominids and the branch that produced chimpanzees may have been produced early humans and perhaps is a cause of the beginning of human intelligence."