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Definition of "homology" []

  • The quality or condition of being homologous. (noun)
  • A homologous relationship or correspondence. (noun)
  • Chemistry The relation of the elements of a periodic family or group. (noun)
  • Chemistry The relation of the organic compounds forming a homologous series. (noun)
  • Mathematics A topological classification of configurations into distinct types that imposes an algebraic structure or hierarchy on families of geometric figures. (noun)

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Use "homology" in a sentence
  • "a part or organ in a different animal; the determination of which homology indicates that such animals are constructed on a common type; when, for example, the correspondence of the basilar process of the human occipital bone with the distinct bone called 'basi-occipital' in a fish or crocodile is shown, the _special homology_ of that process is determined."
  • "By the term homology he expresses the unity or identity of character between the bones so answering to one another in different animals."
  • "Knowledge of homology is certainly very useful, can give us a good idea of the path of descent, and can constrain our hypotheses."