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Definition of "hills" []

  • Plural form of hill. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "hills" in a sentence
  • "Out in the hills is the place where you can talk something besides business."
  • "Uninterrupted good fortune seldom lasts long, however, or at least it seldom did with us, and presently the line ran into a big coulée which wound through what we call hills on the prairie -- that is to say, a ridge of slightly higher levels swelling into billowy rises."
  • "Moreover the land of Kyrene, which is the highest land of the part of Libya which is occupied by nomads, has within its confines three seasons of harvest, at which we may marvel: for the parts by the sea-coasts first have their fruits ripe for reaping and for gathering the vintage; and when these have been gathered in, the parts which lie above the sea-side places, those situated in the middle, which they call the hills,743 are ripe for the gathering in; and as soon as this middle crop has been gathered in, that in the highest part of the land comes to perfection and is ripe; so that by the time the first crop has been eaten and drunk up, the last is just coming in."