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Definition of "half-sheet" [half-sheet]

  • In printing, an abbreviation of one half of a sheet of double size. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "half-sheet" in a sentence
  • "Approximately 12 by 18 inches (called a half-sheet pan) and smaller at about 12 by 9 inches (a quarter-sheet pan), these can be among the most used in your kitchen."
  • "Through a small hole, I could see the squirrel's quivering tail sticking up out of my grandmother's churn... and, through the window, my husband approaching with a half-sheet of plywood in one hand and a rake in the other: Russell Crowe, Gladiator II: The Rodent Version."
  • "An do half-sheet flyers to tuck into my chapbooks."