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Definition of "half-guinea" [half-guinea]

  • An English gold coin of the value of 10s. 6d., no longer in circulation. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "half-guinea" in a sentence
  • "My Master, Mr Davies, have paid me the half-guinea for the coppy which I lent them to read."
  • "Camilla, in retiring, presented, folded in a paper, the guinea, half-guinea, and silver, she had borrowed of Sir Sedley; who received it without presuming at any contest; though not, after what he had heard from Mrs. Arlbery, without reluctance."
  • "Offer him money — take this half-guinea for him — complain of your head, to have a pretence to hold it down; and cover your forehead and eyes with your hand, where your handkerchief hides not your face. —"