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Definition of "half-giant" [half-giant]

  • Castilho, Antonio Feliciano de 1800-1875. Portuguese author and translator who became a leader of the romantic movement in Portugal. He is known for his poems and his translations of Virgil, Ovid, and Shakespeare.

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Use "half-giant" in a sentence
  • "Traveling from the Gobi Desert to the Marianas Trench, they explore ancient temples and bottomless caves and tangle with twisted villains, including the masked madman V.V. Argost and his half-human/half-giant spider."
  • "Dumbledore hires Hagrid to teach at Hogwarts, despite the fact that he is a half-giant, and when Rita Skeeter reveals his half-blood status,"
  • "Indeed, as in all the Harry Potter movies, grace notes abound: A baby dragon here, a massive dead spider there (the latter representing one of the movie's standout scenes, featuring Robbie Coltrane as the salty half-giant Hagrid)."