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Definition of "half-face" [half-face]

  • Showing only half of the face: as, a half-face picture.
  • In military tactics, a turning of the face 45° to the right or left, used in making oblique marches to the right or left. (noun)
  • A raised floor or platform. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "half-face" in a sentence
  • "Chet looked a little more closely as half-face dug in her pocket."
  • "He immediately used it to yank off his half-face scuba mask, before he sucked in deep gasps of fresh clean air."
  • "Each tank was filled to the brim with a pale green liquid and encased in them, hovering in the liquid, arms and legs outstretched in humiliating star shapes, were men—naked men wearing half-face scuba breathing masks and plugged into IV and excretion tubes."