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Definition of "grue" []

  • To be frightened; to shudder with fear. (verb)
  • A shiver, a shudder (noun)
  • Of an object, green when first observed before a specified time or blue when first observed after that time. (adjective)
  • Green or blue, as a translation from languages such as Welsh that do not distinguish between these hues. (adjective)
  • Any byproduct of a gruesome event, i.e. gore, viscera, entrails, blood and guts. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "grue" in a sentence
  • "Knowing that exactly such a ruinous retaliation was coming-and to people she liked, or even loved-gave her what her father called the grue: a cold sense of oppressive horror, coiling through the blood."
  • "The military men wade deeper in grue, following the discovery of a Special Forces commander whose squad has been picked off by particularly unstoppable foes – werewolves the size of minivans."
  • "“new riddle of induction”, commonly called the grue paradox, invites us to consider the predicate grue, which is true before time t only of objects that are green and after time"
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