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Definition of "goune" []

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "goune" in a sentence
  • "[865] Or in the worthy Margaret's spelling: "Yf I mythe have had my wylle, I xulde a seyne yow er dystyme; I wolde ye wern at hom, yf it wer your ese, and your sor myth ben as wyl lokyth to her as it tys there ye ben, now lever dan a goune thow it wer of scarlette.""
  • "Then came one squire carrying the goune of him whom they brought and another that carryed his hatt & band."
  • "And upoun a day, the sermoun ended, and the people departing, no man suspecting danger, and tharefore nott heading the said Maister George, the Preast that was corrupted stood wating at the foot of the steppis, his goune lowse, and his whinger drawin into his hand under his gown, the said Maister"