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Definition of "gold" []

  • A soft, yellow, corrosion-resistant element, the most malleable and ductile metal, occurring in veins and alluvial deposits and recovered by mining or by panning or sluicing. A good thermal and electrical conductor, gold is generally alloyed to increase its strength, and it is used as an international monetary standard, in jewelry, for decoration, and as a plated coating on a wide variety of electrical and mechanical components. Atomic number 79; atomic weight 196.967; melting point 1,063.0°C; boiling point 2,966.0°C; specific gravity 19.32; valence 1, 3. See Table at element. (noun)
  • Coinage made of this element. (noun)
  • A gold standard. (noun)
  • Money; riches. (noun)
  • A light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow. (noun)

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  • "By Anonymous, at Sun Apr 15, 12:08:00 PM wow gold wow gold wow power leveling wow power leveling wow gold@@@"
  • "The alchemists thought that to every thing, or at any rate to every class of things, there corresponds a more perfect form than that which we see and handle; they spoke of gold, and the _gold of the Sages_; mercury, and the _mercury of the Philosophers_; sulphur, and the"
  • "He cared now for only one thing: gold, _gold_, GOLD."