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Definition of "go past" [go past]

  • Be superior or better than some standard (verb)
  • Move past (verb)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "go past" in a sentence
  • "He trotted, heavy, big-footed, swinging wounded full-bellied, through the trees toward the tall grass and cover, and the crash came again to go past him ripping the air apart."
  • "I stepped inside but didn't have to go past the anteroom, piled high with corpses. 1 knew there was noplace for me to go. 1 grabbed a box of air filters for my suit and found another bandolier of grenades."
  • "“Okay, so I think we stay on this and go past Louisville, and then Hummingbird Valley should be a ways outside it—maybe half an hour.”"
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