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Definition of "go forth" [go forth]

  • To depart from a place. (verb)
  • To be divulged or made generally known; to emanate (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "go forth" in a sentence
  • "Arnold nodded like a soldier taking orders to go forth and bellow the news in the streets of Provincetown."
  • "There was, however, a continual impulse, a voice audible only to himself, commanding him to go forth and redeem his vow; and he had a strange impression that, were he to make the trial, he would be led straight to Malvin's bones."
  • "Rushing to the telephone, she called a cab and prepared to go forth on her difficult quest; but first, while she was putting on her hat and coat, she insisted that her sister, Mary Anthony, should start the fund by contributing one thousand dollars from her meager savings, and this Miss Mary did."