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Definition of "give out" [give out]

  • Transitive. to utter, publish; to announce, proclaim, report. to give (it) out: to profess, give it to be believed that. also, to give (a person) out to be (so and so) (verb)
  • To announce (a hymn) to be sung; to read out (the words) for the congregation to sing (verb)
  • To send forth, emit; to cause to be sent forth. also, to put forth, utter (prayers) (verb)
  • To issue; to distribute (verb)
  • Intransitive of persons: to desist (in later use, to desist through exhaustion of strength or patience). of an implement, a limb, a machine, etc.: to break down, get out of order, fail. of a supply: to run short, come to an end (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "give out" in a sentence
  • "My legs give out and I sit down on the grass, next to my cousin Kolya, who is engrossed in searching for something between his toes."
  • "That done, I suffer to be led from my rooms and down the stone corridor to the winding steps that give out onto the Tower Green."
  • "Look, I brought you out here to perform on the stage, not give out tricks to second-string fools offstage."