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Definition of "germinative" [ger•mi•na•tive]

  • Of or pertaining to germination (adjective)
  • Having the ability to germinate (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "germinative" in a sentence
  • "This egg consists of an outer envelope, the vitelline membrane, containing a fluid more or less dense, the yolk; within this is a second envelope, the so-called germinative vesicle, containing a somewhat different and more transparent fluid, and in the fluid of this second envelope float one or more so-called germinative specks."
  • "Until thirty years ago the embryology of the higher vertebrates always started from the position that the first structure of the embryo is a flat, leaf-shaped disk; it was for this reason that the cell-layers that compose this germinal disk (also called germinative area) are called "germinal layers.""
  • "In the plant, the eye or germinative point opens to a leaf, then to another leaf, with a power of transforming the leaf into radicle, stamen, pistil, petal, bract, sepal, or seed."
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