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Definition of "fuzzball" [fuzzball]

  • Any soft, fuzzy creature. (noun)
  • A quantum description of a black hole in superstring theory (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "fuzzball" in a sentence
  • "She held it out to me, a pink fuzzball that was always too tight, even when it was new."
  • "I have just two words for them: Jeff Foxworthy ... or how about the “Fox Half-Hour News Show”; or Glenda BeckyBoy; or that lovable little fuzzball Rush Limpballs?"
  • "My smart, 86-year-old father, whose razor-sharp memory has been waning of late, was definitely sliding fast toward that old-age oblivion where time, facts and people all start to blur together, sometimes into one big happy fuzzball, but most times into fits and starts of remembering, consternation and forgetting again."
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