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Definition of "frot" [frot]

  • To publicly rub one's genitals against someone for sexual gratification, especially without the other's consent or knowledge. (In this sense it is related to frotteurism and not frottage.) (verb)
  • To rub, chafe. (verb)
  • To work leather by rubbing. (verb)
  • A non-penetrative sex in which two males rub each other's penises. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "frot" in a sentence
  • "Also America is scared shit of NK and Iran and thinking of using nuclear weapons (The irony) well if they do I personnaly will be out standing in frot of Embassies and ASDA stores boycotting Americans goods forever"
  • "Gay men can, however, frot, which is apparently the male equivalent."
  • "In some circles [insert joke here – Ed.], the slang terms “frot” and “scissoring” are used, respectively, to describe the male-homo and female-homo variants of the more general term frottage."
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