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Definition of "flute-player" [flute-player]

  • A player or performer upon the flute; a flutist. (noun)
  • A South American wren of the genus Cyphorinus, as C. cantans: so called from its note. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "flute-player" in a sentence
  • "Like the music of the flute-player dancing on the table"
  • ""I bought a company of comedians," he went on, "but I preferred for them to put on Atellane farces, and I ordered my flute-player to play Latin airs only.""
  • "Finally, the slave stepped out into the middle of the floor and waved his pipes in imitation of a flute-player; then, with a whip and a smock, he enacted the part of a mule-driver."