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Definition of "fisheye" [fisheye]

  • Of or being a wide-angle photographic lens that covers an angle of about 180°, producing a circular image with exaggerated foreshortening in the center and increasing distortion toward the periphery. (adjective)
  • Slang A suspicious, unfriendly glance or look. (adjective)

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Use "fisheye" in a sentence
  • "Keep in mind, too, that a wide angle lens - and the fisheye is the epitome of a wide angle lens - normally has a really large DoF, so most of the time if you're just snapshooting at things farther than, say, 5 feet away, you don't have much to worry about."
  • "(Raynox 0. 66x, or a Raynox 0. 3x fisheye) The 0. 66x gives a bit wider view then the normal lens on the camera, but the 0. 3x fisheye gives a full view of the rooms and seems more pleasing as it shows how big everything is, but then you can notice the fisheye is a bit distorted and I'm not sure if realtors would like/not like that so I'm not sure which one to get."
  • "I especially liked the "fisheye" lens filter and the way the "Plastic" filter brought out orange and blue tones."
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