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Definition of "fish-basket" []

  • A creel used by anglers to carry fish. Such creels are of various sizes and shapes, made to fit the body easily when carried. (noun)
  • A creel for catching fish; a fish-pot or an eel-pot. See eel-pot. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "fish-basket" in a sentence
  • "The fisherman gave him the fruit and he took it and plunging into the sea with it, was absent a full hour, after which time he came up, with the fish-basket full of all kinds of gems and jewels."
  • "The fisherman replied, “O King of the age, I have a fish-basket full of them at home and the case is thus and thus.”"
  • "In such condition the fisherman abode a whole year, every day carrying for the Merman the crate full of fruit and receiving it back, full of jewels; and when fruit failed from the gardens, he carried him raisins and almonds and filberts and walnuts and figs and so forth; and all that he brought for him the Merman accepted and returned him the fish-basket full of jewels according to his custom."