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Definition of "film" []

  • A thin skin or membrane. (noun)
  • A thin, opaque, abnormal coating on the cornea of the eye. (noun)
  • A thin covering or coating: a film of dust on the piano. (noun)
  • A thin, flexible, transparent sheet, as of plastic, used in wrapping or packaging. (noun)
  • A thin sheet or strip of flexible material, such as a cellulose derivative or a thermoplastic resin, coated with a photosensitive emulsion and used to make photographic negatives or transparencies. (noun)

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Use "film" in a sentence
  • "Apart from being the first instance in 24 years of a work by Philip K. Dick being adapted into something other than an action film, A Scanner Darkly is probably best known for utilizing a rotoscoping animating technique, in which animation is superimposed over live film**."
  • "Still like his film score for Jim Jarmusch's _film _Dead Man_ best, and the Wire work after that, but a music concert film so well-filmed I kept wanting to applaud with the crowd after every song."
  • "OK, perhaps its a bit cruel to suggest that Disney's first 3D computer animated film under the management of John Pixar Lasseter is a calculated smoothie of every Pixar film* squeezed through a Disney anodyne making machine."